Project Achievements

Promotion of Crop Diversification

Community mobilization and sensitization On 15th-16th November, 2019, SOADO team started to mobilize and sensitize the target agropastoral and riverine communities in Jalalaqsi district, Hiran region. They visited 40 villages on both in agropastoral and riverine livelihood zones to engage the famers and local authorities. In enhancing robust engagement of community members, SOADO randomly selected 10 villages from the East of Jalalaqsi and 30 villages from the west of Jalalaqsi.

Collection of Animal Manures and Composting

SOADO identified and trained farmers on how to undertake pit composting and so far, the engaged personnel have collected sufficient manures (7200 Kgs) which was required for the on-farm demonstration plots. This activity involved visiting animal holding grounds and collecting dung and animal excrement and transferring them into the composting sites. Already three compositing pits have been dug and each one was filled with the collected manure. The size of the pit is 3m long, 1.5cm wide and 45cm deep, and moreover 30cm plant to plant and 60cm row to row to make easy for turning after maturing of the compost. The composting period was two to three weeks depending on the fermentation process of collected animal droppings and amount of the added water.