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The founding group felt that, if they bring their efforts, resource and capacity together, they will able to access grass root communities and set up an environment where humanitarian organization can help the desperate local communities and alleviate the immense suffering prevailing in Somalia. The newly established SOADO NGO facilitatively participated in supporting the local […]

SOADO was founded in 2000 by a group of Somali intellectuals with diverse professional backgrounds as a non-governmental, not for profit, non-political and non-religious community based organization (NGO).

After the Somali state collapsed in 1991, the infrastructure of the state had disintegrated and the country plunged in civil war, anarchy and divided the country into fiefdoms controlled by warlords and inflicted suffering many vulnerable people, including women and children. At least 300,000 people lost their live due to manmade starvation period of 1992 in southern Somalia and dozens of others have lost their live and livelihood in conflict in south central of Somalia.