Vision & Mission

VISION:  A world in which people of horn of Africa live in peace, prosperity, Justice, and have full access to the resources necessary to achieve their human potential.

MISSION: To actively and efficiently contribute to the Eradication of poverty in urban and rural area through dealing with its root causes and devises the appropriate sustainable agriculture, livestock production and agro-business to help the needy to help them. SOADO envisages Somalia as a country in which people can prosper and live peaceful, if there is equitable access to resource, political participation and good governances. A country in which people are equal in front of the law regardless of their social class.

SOADO Core Value

Accountability – we greatly attach to value accountability to our all stakeholders, within ourselves and all other partner who are working with us now and willing to work with us also.
Honesty, credibility and transparency – we value and prop up honesty and transparency, credibility in all our endeavors.
Integrity and commitment- we attach to individuals staff integrity, commitments and in dealing with others in all aspect of our work.
Equality and respect – we will strive to promote equality in all aspects of our work and in dealing with different gender groups that we do work with.
Inclusiveness- we value to enhance full participation in our communities we work for and service we do render them
Non violence- we promote peace and conflict transformation through comprehensive inclusiveness and non violence initiatives.

The Primary Focus for SOADO is:

  • Sustainable agriculture in rural areas
  • Emergency humanitarian intervention
  • Health and Nutrition intervention
  • Education and youth skill training
  • Enhancement economic opportunities in rural area
  • Nature conservation and eradication of alien species
  • Human Rights & good governance.
  • Peace promotion and conflict mitigation